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SUNOX, Pro Sand


A dry sanding abrasive, trusted by car repair & wood working specialist to consistently produce a high quality finish prior to finising, priming and overpainting.

To be typically used with either an electric or air orbital sander.

Velcro (Hook & Loop) backed.


PRO SAND abrasives are a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds.

The semi open grit binding and special stearate coating are designed to prevent clogging and pill forming.

Coarser grits are recommended for sanding of putty or removing lacquer. Finer grits are recommended for dry sanding of surfaces with primer and lacquer.


These discs are available in a wide variety of grits from : P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400, P500.

SUNOX - PROSAND 150mm H&L Sanding Discs 7H (box of 100)

VAT Included
    • 150mm
    • 7 Holes
    • Velcro
    • Quantity = 100 Discs