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SUNOX® MESH Scotch Scuff Pad 20pc





SUNOX® MESH Scotch Pads 150mmx230mm 20pc Grey (P1000g)

High-quality non-woven fibre lasts longer up to 30% than competitive pads.

Even grain distribution on two sides results in a very consistent scratch pattern, and delivers extra long life on both sides.

Available in VF red P360g & grey 1000g grits for every step in the paint preparation process.

Can be used wet or dry for maximum versatility in all applications.

Perfect for use with a Scuff Gel to clean, degrease and abrade in one step.

MESH Pads offer extraordinary flexibility gets into hard-to-reach areas and on contoured surfaces.

150 x 230mm surface area.


Features & benefits

Quick cut

Uniform finish

Very flexible


Can be used on both sides

Complete in a dispenser box

SUNOX® MESH Abrasive Scotch Scuff Finishing Pad 20pk

VAT Included