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Designed specifically for use on automotive leather surfaces, RUPES L301 Leather Cleaner safely cleans and lifts away stubborn soiling without drying or damaging delicate leathers. The formula wipes away cleanly, leaving no residue or film behind, and features a pleasant leather scent.


RUPES L301 Leather Fast Cleaner is a dua-action leather cleaner and protectant that is safe and effective on all smooth-finish leather types. The fast-acting emollient detergent formula safely washes leather clean without drying it out or otherwise damaging it. Leather Fast Cleaner provides protection against future soiling and UV radiation.


Your vehicle’s leather requires care. L301 Leather Fast Cleaner quickly and effectively cleans body oil, dirt, grease, lotion, organic material, and soil to restore leather’s soft and supple feel. The pH-balanced formula will not bleach color, create a sticky feel, or cause the long-term damage that some caustic cleaners will.


L301 Leather Fast Cleaner is user friendly. Spray L301 onto a soft sponge, microfiber cloth, or brush and apply to the soiled leather. Wipe away remaining solution with a microfiber towel.


CAUTION: For smooth finish leather. Do not use on suede or nubuck. Included melamine sponges are intended for intense cleaning only. Use sparingly. For regular maintenance cleaning use a microfiber towel with L301 Fast Leather Cleaner

Rupes Bigfoot L301 Leather Fast Cleaner Detailing / Polishing 500ml

VAT Included