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Norton Pro A275 sanding paper is made with thehighest standard abrasive manufacturing technologyspecially designed for dry sanding operations.The unique properties of Norton Pro A275 providea fast, cool cut rate and resists clogging, resulting ina longer lasting product and an outstanding resultcompared to other products in the market.The special No-Fil® coating prevents the build-up ofdust and premature clogging of the disc.Norton Pro A275 is the logical choice for theprofessional window and door fabricator, and isavailable in self-gripping Norgrip® (Velcro) discs.Norton A275 No-Fil Multi-Air SoftTouch NorGrip Abrasive Disc, Paper Backing, Hook-and-Loop, Aluminum Oxide with built in interface pad

Norton Pro Soft A275 150mm / 6" Velcro Discs 20pk

VAT Included