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Norton Pro Q275 sanding paper is made with the
highest standard abrasive manufacturing technology
specially designed for dry sanding operations.
The unique properties of Norton Pro A275 provide
a fast, cool cut rate and resists clogging, resulting in
a longer lasting product and an outstanding result
compared to other products in the market.

Uniquely Designed Four Final Finishing
1.Durable 2. Conformable 3. Flexible  4. Versatile
The strong polyester film backing on Norton Q275 discs provides uncommon strength and remarkable versatility with the flexibility to conform to contours and uneven surfaces.
The premium aluminum oxide abrasive and water-based stearate sands flat, resists loading, lasts long, and cuts consistently for maximum productivity with a uniform, precise finish.

Norton Pro Q275 150mm / 6" Velcro FILM Discs 100pk

VAT Included