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Devilbiss Pro Lite Gravity Feed Spray Gun




Fluid Tip availability

1.2mm, 1.3mm or 1.4mm






A lightweight DeVilbiss spray gun developed for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes.

Range of four advanced technology air caps (one HVLP and three High Efficiency) for optimum application performance with the latest solvent and waterborne coatings.


Ergonomic gun body design with even better fit and balance for comfort and control.

Three high efficiency fluid tips provide superb versatility across a range of climatic conditions and viscosities.

Coaxial, low kick air valve design gives smoother feel for even greater air and paintcontrol for ease of fade-outs and blend-ins.

The forged aluminium bodie are heavy duty anodised in Blue, coating, clearly defining the gun for different duties in the paint shop.

The colour coding dispenses with the laser engraving, enabling the individual painter to rapidly identifyguns set up specifically for basecoats, solid colours, clears, pearls and effects, or simply particularcolour groups.


Technical Information Cup Capacity - 560 mls Weight (gun only) - 446 gms Weight (gun & cup) - 629 gms Air Cap - Plated Brass Air Cap Retaining Ring - Clear Anodised aluminium Fluid Tips - Stainless Steel Fluid Needle - Stainless Steel Air Inlet Thread - 1/4” Universal


Pro Lite overview: Aircaps for Clear and Base in Comparison A common question: What is the difference between the TE10, TE20, HV25, HV30 and T110 air caps of the Devilbiss Pro Lite spray gun. Here an overview (from our point of view and after several discussions with painters)


Air Cap TE10 – basecoat & all rounder Application: Standard water and solvent base basecoats, Air dry and MS clearcoats Performance Data: Spray Pattern: 290-310 mm (11-12″) Air Flow (@ 2bar): 280 lpm (9.9 cfm) Comments: Slower than


Air Cap TE20 – clearcoat with faster flow Application: Clearcoats (especially HS and UHS clearcoats) Recommended for polyurethane clear coats (in combination with 1.3mm nozzle) Performance: Spray Pattern: 285-300 mm (11-12″) Air Flow (@ 2bar): 350 lpm (12.4 cfm) Comments: Faster than TE10 In connection with 1.3mm nozzle widely recommended for 2K gloss / clearcoat


Air Cap HV25 – compliant atomizing technology meets HVLP Application: Higher solid clearcoats, solvent and waterborne basecoats Performance: Spray Pattern: 305-320mm (12.2-12.9″) Air Flow (@2bar): 350 lpm (12.4 cfm) Air Cap HV30 – maximum transfer efficiency Application: water base basecoat and clear coat Performance: Spray Pattern: 300-325mm (12-13″) Air Flow (@2bar): 460 lpm (16.3 cfm)


Air Cap T110 – clear coats with higher solids Application: clearcoats (with higher solids) Performance: Spray Pattern: 260-290 mm (10-11″) Air Flow (@2bar): 265 lpm (9.4 cfm) Comments: Glass finishing The most “forgiving” air cap What are the recommended air pressures for the air caps? The air pressure depends on different factors, e.g. the fluid to be sprayed or whether the fluid control is full open or not. A good starting point are following pressure settings: HV25/30 Air cap/s: 1.5 – 1.75 bar (22-25 PSI) TE10/20, T110 Air cap/s: 1.5 – 2 bar (22-29 PSI)

Devilbiss PRO Lite Gravity Feed Spray Gun & Cup PROLite

VAT Included
    • Air Inlet Thread - ¼” Universal
    • Weight (gun only) 446 gms
    • Weight (gun & cup) 629 gms
    • Weight (gun & DeKup) 606 gms
    • Cup Capacity 560 mls
    • Gun body – Anodised Aluminium
    • Air cap - Nickel Plated Brass
    • Air Cap Retaining Ring - Anodised Aluminium
    • Fluid Tip, Needle, Inlet - Stainless Steel
    • Spray Head – Hard Anodised Aluminium
    • Air/Fluid Control Valve Stems – Aluminium
    • Springs,Clips, Screws – Stainless Steel
    • Seals, Gaskets – Solvent Resistant
    • Trigger – Chrome plated Steel
    • Other parts – Chrome plated brass
    • Air valve assembly – Stainless Steel
    • Air Inlet Pressure 2.0 bar (29psi)
    • Air Consumption TE10: 275 l/min (9.7 cfm), TE20: 350 l/min (12.4 cfm), HV30: 465 l/min (16.4 cfm)