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DeVilbiss MPV-627 Air-Fed Half-Mask Outfit

  • Complete air-fed half-mask outfit.
  • A single airline supplies breathing air. One piece high specification goggles are included.
  • The facepiece incorporates dual exhalation valves and an air inlet diffuser.
  • Waistbelt incorporates odour filter and pre-set mask air regulator.
  • Outfit includes high quality gun hose (1.2m x 8mm bore).
  • Air Consumption: 7cfm

Compressor must source air from an area that is not contaminated with paint spray.


Safety information:

To operate an air fed mask, you must supply air filtered down to at least 0.01 micron. Preferably use a 3-stage filter. Air must travel from the compressor to the mask through high flow type connectors e.g. euro, NOT standard british.

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Devilbiss Complete MPV-627 Air Fed Half Mask Kit

£420.25 Regular Price
£380.25Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Protection - APF=20

    Carbon Filter Life - 1000 hours

    Supply Pressure - 3.8 bar (55 psi) - At hose supply connection max 7 bar (100 psi)