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Anest Iwata AZ3 Impact Chrome Flash

The AirGunsa line perfectly meets your spray painting requirements in industrial and body shop sectors.

Excellent VALUE FOR MONEY, RELIABILITY and ATOMIZATION QUALITY are AirGunsa spray guns' specialities.


New air cap (HTE-S1):

• Designed for modern primer & paints

• Fine atomization and paint droplets well streched and distributed give a wider spray fan pattern.



Anesta Iwata designed long flat pattern.

Adjustable air inlet valve as standard.

High atomisation air caps.

Robust spray gun

Trigger easy to dose

Simple operation of the control knobs, for right or left handers

The Chrome Flash has completely stainless steel internal wet parts ideal for use in solvent and water based materials.




Ergonomic gun design

New trigger and ergonomic grip shape to relieve stress on painting

Light weight & well balanced body

Gun head 20-50 g lighter than previous model

Improved AKULON cup

Improved paint cup with multi thread construction

Spare parts compatible with previous AZ3 HTE S

Anest Iwata AZ3 HTE S IMPACT Chrome Flash Spray Gun Ltd Edition

VAT Included