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Easy to apply by hand or machine
Restores New paint shine
Long lasting final wax protection
Perfect clean up for small or large areas

3M Polish Rosa is a must-have product for any car cleaning or restoration kit. As well as restoring New paint shine, it offers long lasting final wax protection and an exceptional gloss finish. It is easy to apply by hand or machine (recommended use with Blue High Gloss Pad 50388), offers great durability and leaves no staining on rubber or plastic. 

Users can rest assured that the polish will not discolour any black rubber components; it even offers perfect clean up properties for both small and large areas. For best results, wipe off excess residue with a 3M Polishing Wipe. 

Favoured by car enthusiasts all over the world, quick and easy to use and clean up, 3M Polish Rosa leaves you plenty of time to get on with other jobs. For the ultimate blemish-free, deep gloss finish, this product comes highly recommended.

3M™ Polish Rosa Pink (80345)

VAT Included