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SUNOX Custom Filled 1k Aerosol 400ml

Matched to manufacturer paint code. 

PLEASE NOTE, 1K colours can only be mixed to non metallic finishes. 

For metallic finishes please order the Basecoat Custom Filled Aerosol that will require a Clearcoat Lacquer Aerosol over the top. 

1K (Single Pack) car paint
Does NOT require a lacquer 
Excellent colour match
Excellent coverage

SUNOX® Custom Filled 1K Paint Aerosol 400ml

VAT Included
  • All colours are a guarantee "BLEND" colour match, we use proffessional quality paint with leading brands such as "Valspar" "Octoral" "Nexa Autocolour / ICI" "Mipa" and many more  being mixed and put in to these aerosols. Please be aware that many colours offer various shades and we will mix your colour based on standard shade.