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Octoral PF131 High Build Primer Surfacer 3.5L Kit

PF131 HS Surfacer is a 2K polyurethane high filling surfacer with excellent sanding properties, which can also be used as a non-sanding (WOW) surfacer.

It is very easy to apply and gives high durability and appearance.


Kit contents

3L PF131 Primer

0.5L HS H24 Fast Activator


Mixing ratio

6:1 Mixing Ratio + max 25% Thinner (Octoral TA900/TA910/TA920)


Non Sanding (Wet on Wet (WOW))

6:1 Mixing Ratio + max 35% Thinner (Octoral TA900/TA910/TA920)


Features & benefits

PF131 HS Surfacer is a high solid 2 pack surfacer with easy application

Can also be used as a wet on wet primer

Fast Drying only 20-25 mins @ 60deg

5-10 mins flash off time

Can be left 48 hours before overcoating, after 48 hours re keying will be required.

For use on plastics, apply Octoral PA65 prior to using PF131 HS Surfacer.

Octoral PF131 2K HS Primer Surfacer 3L & H24 2k Fast Activator (3.5L KIT)

VAT Included