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Octoral by ValsparOctoral C500 Lacquer KitDescriptionC500 HS420 Clearcoat 5L + HS420 Activator 2 x 1LKit contents:• 5L C500 Clearcoat• 2 x 1L HS ActivatorVery Fast (H23), Fast (H24) & Medium (H25) available.3:1 Mixing Ratio up to 5% Universal Thinner (Octoral TA900/TA910/TA920)C500 HS420 Superb Clear Coat is a high quality polyurethane Clear Coat with excellent durability and very good drying and processing properties. Supreme Clear was designed specifically for application over Octobase and Octobase Eco Plus System for passenger cars, coaches and commercial vehicles.This clear coat was specifically developed for high demanding jobs.Can be used over WATER & SOLVENT based basecoats.Features & benefits• C500 HS420 is a high quality 2 pack Clearcoat with easy application.• Drying speeds of 20-35 mins @ 60deg.• 2-5 mins flash off time.• Available with H23(extra fast) H24(fast) & H25(Medium) activators. (Please see other listings for different speeds)• Only 1.5-2 coats required• Premium quality by a trusted brand.• This clearcoat has been specifically developed for the most premium of jobs.• OUR MOST PREMIUM CLEARCOAT YET!

Octoral C500 Lacquer Clearcoat 2K KIT 7L

VAT Included