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Mipa EP-Grundierfiller is a chromate-free 2K primer filler for an economic car and large vehicle coating.
The product combines the properties of filler and adhesion primer.
The high corrosion protection and the very good adhesion also on non-ferrous metals make this product perfectly suitable for composite substrates.
Very good filling capacity and adherence to steel, aluminium, zinced steel and GRP.
Shock and scratch-resistant.
Mipa EP-Grundierfiller provides high protection against corrosion and resistance to weathering, very good resistance to chemical and mechanical strain.
Recoatable with polyester-based body fillers after forced drying (30 minutes/ 60-80°C) for a dry film thickness up to max. 120 μm.


Kit contents
• EP-Grundierfiller Epoxy Primer 5L
• EP-Hardener E25Epoxy Hardener 2.5L
• EP-Verdünnung Epoxy Thinner 1

Mixing Ratio
• 2 parts EP primer - 1 parts EP hardener
• Thinner 0 - 10 % Mipa EP-Verdünnung

Mipa EP-Grundierfiller Epoxy primer 2k 5L + EP-Hardener E25 2.5L + EP Thinner 1L

VAT Included