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If the DV1 looks different, that’s because it is. Very different, in fact. Everything about the gun indicates that it’s not just a progression – it’s a revolution. Everything is new.New ergonomics. New air cap design. New fluid tip technology. Advanced co-axial air valve design. And not forgetting the advanced atomisation technology that sets a new precedent in performance and control.

No other DeVilbiss gun is built like it. Redesigned from the ground up. Precision engineered. The technicians in the Devilbiss Atomisation Centre of Excellence (who Devilbiss call the ACE Team), threw out the rule book on this one. This is the spray gun for the professional refinisher who demands maximum speed, ultimate finish quality, pinpoint colour accuracy and the lowest possible energy and material consumption.


It’s time to let your talent shine. To show your true colours.

DeVilbiss DV1 HVLP B + Gravity Feed Spray Gun Basecoat B+ Air Cap W/cup

VAT Included