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Norton BLACK ICE Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets 50pk Waterproof Paper



230mm x 280mm per sheet


The black ice range of waterproof sandpaper uses the highest technology abrasive manufacturing. Can be used with sanding block or by hand with water.



• Sanding polyurethane primer before spraying

• Cutting back and old surface before spraying

• Cutting back before flush jointing

• Cutting of fresh clearcoats, removing runs & imperfections


Features & benefits

• Premium abrasive silicon carbide grain

• Waterproof latex flexible paper

• Synthetic bonds

• Fast initial cut & long life

• Consistent finish

• Prevents curling

• Very flexible, without cracking or wrinkles

Norton BLACK ICE wet or dry Sanding Sheets Waterproof Paper 50pc

PriceFrom £40.35
VAT Included