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U-POL HIGH#5 1k High Build Grey Primer Filler Aerosol 450ml

Colours Available:


Dark Grey



High build primer aerosol that fills uneven surfaces prior to topcoating. Ideal for spot repairs on fully cured paint, polyester body fillers, GRP and properly prepared steel, aluminum, and galvanized panels.

Produces a similar film thickness to spray gun applied primers

Includes 2 nozzles - flat fan and round for ultimate film build and versatility

Saves time and materials – no need to mix paint or clean spray equipment and minimizes masking

Chromate free and easy to sand

Features & benefits

Super Build Primer

Fast Drying

Excellent Finish

Very Easily Sanded

UPOL HIGH #5 High Build Primer Filler Aerosol 450ml

VAT Included