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A range of pneumatic quick connect safety couplings and adapters from Prevost S1 series. Compatible with European profile 7.2 - 7.4 mm fittings. The S1 series disconnects and safely decompresses with one button and incorporates an aerodynamic valve seal design to prevent leaks and optimise airflow. S1 series pneumatic couplings can help reduce energy costs and increase productivity by eliminating any significant pressure loss and dramatically reducing downtime and maintenance. 

Features and Benefits


 • Ergonomic shape 

 • Non-slip surface allows firm grip 

• Lightweight and compact size 

• Abrasion, corrosion and crush resistant 

• Compatible with European Profile 7.2 - 7.4mm couplings 

• Simultaneous decompression and disconnection 

• Colour coded for easy identification of profile 

• Flow rate 1820 L/min @ 6 bar 




• Assembly lines • Automotive 

• Mechanical manufacturing 

• Machine workshops 

• Printing Industry 

• Textile industry 

• Wood and plastics industries 

• Technical education 


Prevost ESI 071101 PREVOS1 Pneumatic Quick Connect Safety Coupling Female HVLP

VAT Included