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Mirmed Type 5/6 Painters Coverall


Don’t just wear anything! A certified Type 5, 6 chemical protective coverall that is based on a new optimised polyethylene non-woven fabric at low cost to meet budget requirements.


Made of polyethylene non-woven fabric, these hooded protective coveralls help provide protection against particles (Type 5) and limited liquid splashes (Type 6).


Benefiting from Mirmed fabric technology, the Easysafe is a coverall that offers demonstrably more protection than equivalent SMS garments and that is more robust than microporous films.


Offering a great balance of protection and comfort, the Easysafe is the new, best basic solution for those working on jobs that are less demanding in terms of protection and on a tighter budget.

Mirmed Type 5/6 Safety Painters Coverall

VAT Included