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BenefitsExcellent for paint removal, smoothing and rust removal in limited space applicationsFeaturesQuick-change belt replacementRubber molded gripAdjustable sanding arm3/4" (20 mm) capacityHandle exhaust and swivel air inlet

CP9780 Heavy Duty Belt Sander 20mm

VAT Included
    Part number 6151939780 
    Model CP9780 
    Pad diameter 20x520  3/4x20.4
    Paper size 20x520  3/4x20.4
    Orbit diameter  
    Free speed 20000 rpm
    Power 380 W 0.51 hp
    Length 380 mm 15"
    Net weight 1.5 kg 3.3 lb
    Noise level 90.5 db(A)
    Sound Power 101.5 db(A)
    Vibration (ISO-8662-8) <2.5 m/s²
    Vibration α (ISO-28927-3) <2.5 m/s²
    Average air consumption 7.1 l/s 15 cfm
    Actual air consumption 14.1 l/s 30 cfm
    Actual air consumption 849 l/mn 30 cfm
    Free speed air consumption 6.9 l/s 14.6 cfm
    Min. hose size 10 mm 3/8"
    Air inlet thread size 0.25 "