Anest Iwata
LS400 or WS400 Showcase kit


Kit contents

  • WS400 or LS400 EVO Super Nova Spray Gun
  • Gravity 600ml cup
  • Anest iwata regulator gauge
  • HVLP Hand held blow gun
  • Carry case
  • Spanner
  • Cleaning brushes
  • WS400 Keyring

Anest Iwata LS400 ET Base
Anest Iwata LS400 Entech. Pre atomisation technology. Large spray pattern. Low emissions.

HVLP Environment awareness and performance.The new LS400 gun incorporates split nozzle technology. This represents the completion of the pininfarina gravity gun range.

The HVLP technology combined with the pre-atomisation split nozzle gives painters the speed and comfort of a compliant spray gun application, plus with Anest Iwata's large flat even fan pattern and the high stability in the droplet size also gives the painter a material saving.

The Entech LS400 offers the professional painter a wide range of application options for second and third generation water based basecoats with a choice of two different set ups - ET and ETS. The new LS400 HVLP has the balance, feel and looks of the WS400 but now gives the painter the option of HVLP application where and when it is required.

Anest Iwata WS400 Clear
Fantastic performance from the designers of almost every modern Ferrari and more, Pininfarina!

Tailored set ups for all applications. An easy gun to get on with - never seems to have a critic.

New HD (High Delivery) ideal for solvent application.

Supernova has a long flat fan pattern with paint material delivered evenly across it, this gives you a superb overlap on modern paints. Essential for mottle-free basecoat application and a flat and even lay down on clears.

Fluid control is essential for colour reproduction of waterbourne basecoats, the combination of consistent stable fluid output and flat even fan pattern gives you an unmatched appilcation of modern paints. The new responsive trigger action makes application of basecoats even easier.

Weight and balance makes this spraygun an excellent choice for a comfortable repetitive strain free day in a busy modern body shop enviroment. The SUPERNOVA state of the art ergonomic design helps you achieve the results you require in todays demanding work place.

This superb spraygun delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing, combine this with the sprayguns flat even fan pattern and this will help reduce the common issues ie: boil and pin holing on HS clear coats. These issues are due to too much clear coat in one area caused by centre heavy fan patterns.

This gun takes spraying modern day HS clear coats to another level.

Our best selling clear coat gun by a mile!

Anest Iwata WS400 / LS400 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Showcase kit

Gun set up

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