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SUNOX VIPER Scratch Resistant Clear is a scratch resistant clear coat that dries quickly in all conditions, whether force dried at 40 °C or 60 ºC or naturally at room temperature (20 °C).


Time savings of upto 70%. This new clear coat means you can work faster and more efficiently, save energy and achieve the best results.

SUNOX VIPER is a very fast drying Clearcoat with speeds of up to 5 minutes! Fully Cured.

10 minute speeds are achieved with Infra-red Lamp / Oven.


Speeds available:

5 minute

10 minute

15 minute

20 minute

35 minute


Part No

SVC5 + SVA-2.5


Mixing Ratio

2 parts Lacquer - 1 parts Activator - No thinner required.


SVC5 Viper Clearcoat is a 2K Anti Scratch Clearcoat and was developed for use over ALL basecoat paint systems.


SVC5 Viper Clearcoat features proven urethane technology and is designed to give you superior appearance and productivity for panel & overall repairs.


SVC5 Viper Clearcoat has been specifically designed to be a fast air-drying clearcoat at 20*C but also has the flexibility to be force cured for today's fast paced bodyshop. 5min baked or 35min air dry.


SVC5 Viper Clearcoat is not only easy to mix and easy to use, but also has advanced UV screeners and absorbers for long term durability, with a unique formulation this Clearcoat will give a long lasting high gloss finish.

Sunox VIPER Clear Lacquer & Activator 7.5L Kit Very Fast Drying Speed

VAT Included