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2K HS High Build Primer Filler 5:1


BUILD+ is a two-component acrylic primer filler for bodywork repair. In the development of the product, two characteristics have been carefully enhanced: its quality and ease of application in the workshop.


BUILD+ possesses a high isolating quality and an excellent adhesion to putties, fillers and properly sanded hardened paints.


Kit Contents

• 3.5L BUILD+ Primer 

• 0.7L Activator SB+A (Fast)


Mixing Ratio

• 5 parts primer

• 1 parts activator

• thinner as required






• Easy to sand and gives perfect gloss hold out

• Excellent build, opacity and filling power

• Use with SB+A (Fast), activator/hardener

• 5 - 1 Mixing Ratio

SUNOX Build+ 2K HS High Build Primer Filler 3.5L SBA Fast 0.7L 4.2L KIT

VAT Included