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Bigfoot G401 Glass Cleaner 500ml





Stop fighting streaks, smears, smudges, halos and wipe lines. The unique gel formula begins to break down grease, spots, and soil on contact for effortless crystal-clear glass. Safe for all glass surfaces including factory and after market tint.


RUPES G401 Glass Cleaner removes the frustration of cleaning automotive glass by making it easy to achieve a streak-free finish. Stop fighting to remove the streaks, smears, halos and wipe lines that other “streak-free” glass cleaners leave behind. The unique gel formula instantly breaks down grease and soiling, allowing for effortless crystal-clear cleaning.


RUPES G401 Glass Cleaner continues to work after use. When you wipe away the dirt, you wipe on a clear layer of anti-fog protection that prevents window clouding and makes future cleaning even easier. RUPES engineered a better glass cleaner because you deserve it.


RUPES G401 Glass Cleaner is ammonia free and safe for tinted windows, polycarbonate, and other solid surfaces. Mist onto the surface and wipe using supplied woven microfiber cloth. Flip to a dry side and wipe to a crystal-clear finish.

Rupes G401 Glass Cleaner 500ml Detailing / Polishing

VAT Included