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Omnitex Type IIR Masks Tie Back Behind the Head Premium Surgical Face Masks - Box of 50

Omnitex is the brand leader when it comes to producing premium IIR face masks, these style of strap is commonly referred to as tie back, tie behind the head or tie-on straps.

Tie Behind the Head Straps

Type IIR with meltblown filter - minimum 98% bacterial filtration.

Droplets resistance at 120mmhg

Latex free, Nickel Free, Cadmium Free, Fibreglass Free

3Ply Mask - Blue Colour

Fully tested - in protecting cross infection and providing the user excellent protection from the finest particulates.

Pleated Design for additional comfort to the user.

Medical Grade Masks to offer you maximum assurance.

CE Certified

EN14683 accredited ± AC:2019

Omnitex 859 Tie Behind Head Surgical Face Masks Type IIR 50 pack

VAT Included