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The G3 Pro Applicator Waffle Pads 

Reduce effort and increase effectiveness when applying G3 Pro products. Their unique surface minimises wastage and ensures you get the ultimate finish in the shortest time.
Further Details

White Applicator Waffle Pad:

Use damp with G3 Pro Scratch Remover, Paint Renovator or Colour Restorer in a back and forth motion whilst applying even pressure.


Black Applicator Waffle Pad:

Use with G3 Pro Resin Superwax or SuperGloss Paste Wax in an overlapping circular motion whilst applying even pressure.

After using either pad, once a suitable finish is achieved, remove any residue and buff with a dry clean microfibre cloth.

CAUTION: After use remove and clean dirt and dried product from the applicator pads. Never use dirty pads!


Farecla G3 PRO Applicator Waffle Pads 7167

VAT Included