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Diamond Class Lacquer & Activator Kit 7.5L


Speed Available:



Extra Fast


Diamond Class 2k HS New is a 2K high solid clear which displays excellent flowing capabilities,quick drying and polishing, hardness and gloss.


It is used for spot, panel and overall repairs.
Can be used in conjuction with Standard, Fast & Extra Fast Diamond Class 2K Hardeners and 2k Thinners.
Mixing Ratio 2:1 upto 10% Thinner if required


Standard Bake Only at 80ºair 60°metal 50minute bake
Fast at 20ºC Air dry  24hr - at 80°air 60°metal 35mins 
Extra Fast at 20ºC Air dry 16hr – at 80°air 60°metal 20 mins


Diamond Class Clear can be applied over both solvent & waterbourne basecoats.



Diamond Class Lacquer Pack 7.5L Kit

VAT Included