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DEMON TAPE™ Optimum110°C is a premium automotive masking tape which has been specifically developed for automotive refinishing, detailing & spray painting professionals.


One of the only masking tapes specifically manufactured to minimise the density of its tape, helping reduce hard paint lines, while maintaining a high tensile strength.


This produces a strong masking tape with superior flexibility, resulting in its ability to easily curve with minimal splitting or lifting, yet being able to repel both solvent & water based paints with absolutely no penetration or bleeding.


Manufactured from a unique premium crepe paper, coated with a specially formulated cross-linked natural rubber adhesive. This process creates the perfect amount of adhesion when applied with no traces of adhesive residue when removed.


Guaranteed to perform during drying cycles at temperatures of up to 110ºC for 30 minutes and more importantly up to 80°C for 90 minutes.


Features & Benefits

Performs at temperatures of up to 110°C

Excellent tape to tape adhesion

Solvent and thinner resistant

High initial tack

Easy residue free removal

Good tape strength with easy tear

Compatible with water and solvent based paints

Uniform edge with no paint bleed

Easy curving to contours

Consistent tape thickness

Easy application on uneven surfaces

Suitable for both metallic and plastic surfaces


Temperature Resistance

80°C for 90 minutes

110°C for 30 minutes


Technical Specifications

Backing Impregnated crepe paper

Adhesive Solvent-based, natural rubber

Backing weight 58 g/m2

Total thickness 135um

Adhesion >2,6 N/cm

Breaking load >32 N/cm

Elongation to break >8%

Demon Tape - Optimum110°C Masking Tape

PriceFrom £38.50
VAT Included