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Anest Iwata

Viper Cartridge Mask VMIVIPER123


Iwata Viper Half Face Mask with + 2 Cartridge Filters In Small Carry Case


• Full unobstructed field of vision
• Quick bayonet fittings
• Secure fit during use
• Large filter surfaces
• Built-in inhalation valves in the filter
• Low inhalation resistance


Main features

VIPER Half face mask The spectrum of action of harmful substances is large, then it is necessary identify with great precision the specific risks present in each workplace. 

The half mask respirators have top range filters that offer effective protection against dust, gases and vapours. 

Only wearing protective masks and their correct use can ensure an effective protection of the health against toxic substances. 



• Large filter surfaces 

• Filter in A1P2 filter for medium protection

• Built-in inhalation valves in the filter 

• Low inhalation resistance

Anest Iwata VIPER Cartridge Half Face Mask AB1 P2R Protection

VAT Included